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Management and transparency


The Memorial da Resistência is managed by pela Associação Pinacoteca Arte e Cultura (APAC). Created in 1992, APAC is a Social Culture Organization that implements cultural policy defined by the State Government through the  Secretaria de Cultura e Economia Criativa do Estado de São Paulo. In addition to the Memorial, APAC is responsible for managing Pina_Luz and Pina_Estação. Find out more about the work of APAC.

Transparency Portal

A channel with public data from the Department of Culture and Creative Economy (in Portuguese).


The Support Network of the state of São Paulo for praise, questions, and suggestions (in Portuguese).

Work with us

The channel where we advertise opportunities at the Memorial da Resistência.

Ethics Line

Exclusive channel  for employees and suppliers to report situations that violate the APAC Code of Ethics.
Mailbox: 79518, Zip code 04711-904, São Paulo (SP)